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Azuria, the Jewel of Gaia, is a world powerfully alive. Above, beyond the sky, is the Aura Kingdom, realm of light and spirit. Deep below the earth is the underworld, Pandemonium, realm of the dead and home to demons of destruction and decay. Between is Terra, the living land of Humanity and the other mortal peoples, where the energies of the realms above and below combine in beauty and strangeness.


The peoples of Terra are, above all, artists. Some weave magic from song, others craft cunning devices; even the pirates have flair. The Church in Navea has spent generations creating rituals and celebrations around the Cube of Gaia, the mortal world's link to the creative force of the universe.

Beyond the lands of Humanity, there are the lion-like warrior nomads of the Ventos Prairie, the robot-building Dwarves of the Cactakara Forest, the amphibious Sarpa of Candeo Marsh, and even stranger races besides. The world is old, and many civilizations have come and gone, leaving ruins and mysterious monuments for travelers to explore.


Land of Aura Kingdom

Main article: Aura Kingdom (Location)

Land of Terra

Main article: Terra Locations

Land of Pandemonium

Main article: Pandemonium Locations

Names used

The names for Azuria can be found anywhere in the game. It is not known to what the whole world of Azuria looks like, so the list below may not be relevant:

  • Azuria - right from the beginning
  • Gaia (Jewel of Gaia, Cube of Gaia, etc.)
  • Grazeus - access your M window and right click your current map, then right click again to see the top say "World Map - World of Grazeus"
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